Phase I: Curriculum Approvals and the Catalog

Phase I of the Curriculum Management Project addresses the following:

  • Systems and processes used to propose, modify and approve courses and program statements
  • Catalog production systems and processes
  • The published web-based catalog itself

The current system for course and program statement approvals is a home-grown system built on a general-purpose web-development system. The catalog is produced and published on a general-purpose web content management system. The two systems do not talk to each other; information is manually transferred between systems.

Early on in the project we made a decision to license one of several commercially available platforms dedicated to the higher-education market that integrate course and program approvals with catalog production and publication.

After a long and thorough RFP (Request for Proposal) process, we have selected SmartCatalog to be the vendor to provide the systems for Phase I.

Implementation of the SmartCatalog systems begins Januay 3, 2018. During the first few weeks of the implementation, we will be working with SmartCatalog to develop a detailed implementation plan. We will publish an outline of the plan along with key dates once set, and provide periodic progress updates on this page and in our monthly status reports