Current Curriculum Systems

A number of systems currently support campus processes related to curriculum management, course scheduling, and the course catalog.  Some of these systems are vendor-provided, while others were developed specifically by and for members of the campus. The Curriculum Management Project seeks to replace some of these systems and allow the remaining systems to be integrated. The systems currently in use include the following:

Campus Curriculum Planning and Leave (CCLP)

The Campus Curriculum Planning and Leave system (CCLP) supports a variety of academic planning and scheduling functions including:

  • Campus curricular planning

  • Course scheduling

  • Faculty leave planning for academic departments, divisions, colleges, and interdisciplinary programs

  • Manages temporary academic staffing including Teaching Assistants, Course Assistants, Readers and Tutors
  • Providing executive level information for use in forecasting trends and managing campus level resources

Online Curriculum Approval

The Division of Undergraduate Education in collaboration with the Registrar's Office, Academic Senate, and ITS/BSOE developed an Online Curriculum Approval (OCA) system to replace the paper-based process used for reviewing course approvals and program statements at the undergraduate and graduate levels. 

The objectives achieved include: creating a simple and easy to use web-based tracking system that requires minimal duplicate entry, a faster and more transparent workflow and time savings for campus constituents involved in the review and approval process.  This system was implemented using the Drupal framework and the campus LDAP authentication servers.  The application also includes an archiving ability and fine-grained role level security.  

The OCA was initially designed to be a standalone system, but we have plans to integrate it more directly with other tools such as the Academic Information System (AIS) and/or the Campus Curriculum and Leave Planning (CCLP) tool in the future.

Resource 25

The Classrooms WebViewer provides a web-based calendar view of class assignments and one-time events. Users can search to view information about classes, events, and spaces. The Classrooms WebViewer is a web component of Resource 25, a scheduling system that the Office of the Registrar uses to schedule classes and one-time events. Resource 25 interfaces with the schedule of classes in the Academic Information System (AIS).


The system of record for all student records, course catalog, schedule of classes, campus community etc. AKA Oracle/PeopleSoft Campus Solutions.

General Catalog

The catalog constitutes the campus’s document of record for the academic programs and courses offered at UCSC. The most current course information is available in the quarterly Schedule of Classes and the Class Search. Additional web sites are referenced throughout this catalog. However, they are maintained by individual units and may not reflect approved general information, curricula, or course information.

Web Content Management System (WCMS)

The Web Content Management System (WCMS) is a system that manages the content of web sites. For Curriculum Management, it is used to manage the catalog content for program descriptions and requirements. Content is stored and managed in the WCMS system and transformed to html using formatting templates defined in the WCMS.

Div Data

The DivData system supports the management of administrative data, recruitment information, biobibliographies and reviews for UCSC academic personnel.

Data Warehouse

Campus repository for data of interest to the whole campus and hosted by the Office of Planning and Budget.


The UCSC Data Warehouse uses InfoView, a tool that allows users to create complex reports. InfoView, sometimes called BusinessObjects, is a web application produced by SAP.