About the Curriculum Management Project

The Curriculum Management Team, was formed after discussions at the Campus Curriculum and Leave Planning (CCLP) Steering Committee. Noting the need to come up with solutions to better integrate all aspects of UCSC curriculum, not just the CCLP, the committee has reviewed our current systems and business processes and has created this summary of our concerns and proposed solutions. The Curriculum Management Team includes representatives from the Academic Divisions, ITS, Planning and Budget, and the Office of the Registrar.

The Issues

Business processes integral to curricular and fiscal planning touch all academic departments and divisions at UCSC. Yet these business processes utilize three separate applications in three separate frameworks that each hold unique data not shared with the other two. These applications are the Academic Information System (AIS), the Campus Curriculum Leave & Planning (CCLP) and the Online Curriculum Approval (OCA). This separation creates problems in workflow, reporting, and usability that create artificial bottlenecks in operations and necessitates non-intuitive and time-consuming manual processes.

Integrating these systems will enable us to enhance the staff and faculty experience in entering and processing this data, reduce redundancies and inefficiencies, improve timeliness of scheduling and course approvals, display catalog requirements in a more robust manner, support dynamic reporting and improve data integrity.

To enhance the end-user experience (staff, faculty and students) in accessing this data, we need to upgrade our on-line course catalog to include full tables of content, indexes, course descriptions, program statements and faculty lists; make them all searchable; and present it all in a responsive format compatibility with tablets and mobile devices.

Our Vision

By assessing the major functions of AIS, CCLP, and OCA and other existing systems used to manage curriculum and related data, and utilizing our enhanced reporting in InfoView and additional data housed in DivData, we expect to find some solutions within our existing campus systems or procure a new software solution to continue some of these essential functions without duplicating efforts. We would then be able to retire the current CCLP system, built on an unsustainable FileMaker Pro platform.

Our Goals

  • Eliminate duplicate processes and multiple points of data entry
  • Eliminate multiple handoffs and manual processing
  • Improve accuracy
  • Improve student success through increased time for direct advising
    • Free up faculty & staff time to support student retention and time-to-degree initiatives
    • Improve student experience with timely and accurate class, lab, and section scheduling
    • Improve student experience with an interactive and searchable catalog
  • Reduce cumbersome, non-intuitive processes that require frequent relearning, correction, and intervention
  • Improve reporting
  • Facilitate building of degree audit/AAR report
  • Increase employee morale by reducing long-standing frustrations
  • Streamline repetitive processes required to produce centralized student information (major and advising pages) for associated needs such as orientation and admissions
  • Provide a centralized, authoritative, and easily navigable source of information so that units are not compelled to post duplicate (or worse, conflicting) information